With so many stories, articles and posts aggregated out there on DevURLs, it may seem daunting for you to find the most relevant content from a site or blog you like the most. Thankfully, customization is one of the impressive features of this content aggregation tool that helps you choose the sites why blockchain is important and blogs you want to see in the results. You can choose any sites from the list of all sites to filter the search results as per your interests. With more customization options available on DevURLs, you can have a developer content aggregator tailored only to what you really want to see.

For example, you can search for “python” and find all python related news and blog posts. This feature is the most used as often you need to know news about a certain topic. If you are a web developer, you will find yourself often searching for “css” to find latest css tricks, or “canvas” to find interesting ideas for HTML5 canvas projects.

The 10 Best Developer And Tech News Resources

Designmodo is another web development blog you should visit if you’re looking for inspiration, particularly in terms of newsletter design! They’ve got many examples and tutorials ranging from Bootstrap Carousels to thanksgiving email newsletters and wordpress. On his blog, Joel on Software, he provides some unique insights into problems that developers encounter everyday, from the point of view of an experienced programmer. CSS Author is a web development blog with plenty of freebies and stuff for front-end web developers.

Here are of the best developer websites for staying on top of programming news specific to developers and programmers. Besides those web development blogs, we also curated a list of24 great web design blogs, 12 inspirational podcasts, and those 20+ web development newsletters. In order to stay up-to-date on the latest web development trends, we put our heads together and curated this list of what we believe are the 11 best web development blogs you should be reading right now. Because of the fast pace of change in this industry, it’s important to keep up with web development news and trends. Web development podcasts are quite helpful and convenient, allowing you to absorb content from almost anywhere. Some favorites include Boagworld, Adventures in Angular, The Big Web Show and JavaScript Jabber.

Unique Ways To Implement Social Media Icons With Css & Javascript

Embarking on the path to web development is a wise choice indeed! With so many programming languages available to web developers, it can be mobile game development company hard to decide which one to go with—or at least where to start. The terms front-end and back-end are used quite a bit in the web industry.

If you choose to follow this web development blog, you’ll be getting a report on a new topic of interest in the development world each month. The “Guides” section on this web development blog provides plenty of in-depth content about API, accessibility coding, JavaScript, web developer news Python and many more. It also features many guides on other aspects of development, such as tools to help improve workflow. The rewarding field of web development comes with many perks, but it’s one of those jobs that require habitual learning and self-improvement.

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On their blog you’ll find plenty of resources such as icons, wallpapers and templates. You’ll find tutorials for everything from Bootstrap to PSD-HTML conversion. Scotch.io web developer news is a web development blog that promises to keep everyone from beginners to seasoned developers entertained with its wide range of posts, courses and tutorials.

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On this web development blog, you’ll find regular meditations on lesser touched-upon topics within the development world. They explore themes such as developer psychology, how to improve relationships in developer teams and how to punch above your weight in job applications. Simple programmer is a web development blog that looks at things from a slightly different angle. It’s an advice blog for full stack, front-end and back-end developers, as well as software engineers. This web development blog is a gem of original content about development. These folks provide inspiring prose on creative ways to tackle common coding problems in their “Playground” section. SitePoint is great if you’re looking for a web development blog that focuses exclusively on development, programming languages and development tools.


With insightful web design/development articles scotch.io is a great resource for tips and news. Get coding tips, tricks, and ideas from an assortment of today’s leading professionals at Smashing Magazine, a magazine founded in 2006 that caters web developer news to web designers and developers. For the latest techniques and trends in web development, Smashing Magazine is a must-bookmark site. Where do developers turn for up-to-the-minute news impacting the world of programming and development?

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In a nutshell, front-end web development is everything that people can see and interact with. Individuals who work on front-end are often called web designers, web developers, front-end architects or front-end engineers. Typically a front-end developer works inside of a web browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Because browsers are constantly being updated, front-end web dev communities are constantly innovating.

Apple Is Notifying Devs If Theyve Qualified To Keep More App Store Profits

Today, Git is effectively the de-facto standard for software version control, and it is truly an expected tool in every developer’s toolbox. This quick overview demonstrates what a rich and deep DVCS Git truly is, while still being approachable for the newcomer to this collaborative approach to source code and version control. Download this Refcard to learn about the essentials of getting started with Git like cloning existing projects, pushing Git commits to subversion, branching and merging, and more. Reading and following the most appropriate blogs is of the highest importance to get the maximum benefit out of any web development job.

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With the sheer amount of programming languages in use, staying ahead in your career can be tough. Whether the industry calls for new standards or an important development tool gets an update, you need to be aware of the changes. Discover our list of the top 20 blogs to help you brush up on your coding and developer tool skills. The search feature lets you catch up with the news even if you haven’t followed them.