I suggest you let people Optin with an Optin box, instead of forcing them to search everything for an Optout box. From my memory I got a popup screen which reminded “update available” which I accepted, it then went to the screen and I don’t have UAC enabled so it all got installed.

I’d suggest doing a clean install and getting the newest version. The new version will also give you the ability for silent auto updating. I went ahead and allowed Flash to install, then because I already have the non-Mcaffee suite of my choice installed, I immediately uninstalled Mcafee, then had to restart my computer. It’s impossible to Driver Booster point to the page, because the process initiated from an auto-alert when I restarted my computer. I have noticed this McAfee default download before and was alert for it.

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Here you will know about some of the Adobe Flash Player alternatives since it is now discontinued in 2021 by Adobe and all the browsers. It almost sounds like Adobe is doing people a favour by releasing Flash Player for free. The Adobe installer is set to perform unnecessary, unwanted and irrelevant actions and to do so by default. Surely, if McAfee and Google toolbar/Chrome are REALLY that good then surely people would be seeking them out and downloading, on their own merits. I would say that it is the install is default and it is the non-installation which is optional, but that’s largely semantics. Can someone from Adobe please explain exactly how the McAfee software is critical to the fuctioning of Flash Player. This is the link I was directed to straight from the updater.

When being prompted with the update dialog, please note that you have the option to decline. After 30 days Flash Player will automatically, and silently, update itself to the latest version so you won’t have to take any additional action. You should understand my personal situation I have been using computers since the early 1970’s, I have had bad results with McAfee, I will never use them again.

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It was one click to install, no checkbox, fine print. I tried it three times to see if it would give option to avoid McAfee Shyte-ware, but option not given. This refers to enhancements and security fixes that are include in Flash Player code. "In some cases, the new version of Flash Player that you are downloading includes enhancements that give your computer additional protection when browsing the web." This official Adobe statement supports what I said about auto-updates coming to my computer FROM ADOBE. We don’t need to give you links. In some cases, the new version of Flash Player that you are downloading includes enhancements that give your computer additional protection when browsing the web. If you can give me an example of a site that does this, or an application that prompts for you to update and then causes this to happen, I’ll look into it asap.

I wish I could catch the Adobe update misbehaving to be able to finish this thread once and all. I hope to catch this rogue download procedure and am virtually wasting portions of my life because of Adobe’e refusal to allow people to opt-in if they wish. At least Adobe isn’t trying to pawn off that awful Conduit toolbar on us, but an unwanted McAfee install is still annoying. As the instructions on the follow page say, I double click the EXE file and it begins installation. It does the Adobe installation bar on the pop-up and right below that it does the Mcafee installaion bar. I stopped the process and went back because I am used to the opt out radio button being somewhere, but I could not find it in the process.