I’ve tried with pkmn fire red but it doesn’t wanna even load. Use SeiPSPTool to transfer the emulator to your stick. It does a great job and puts everything into one stick and hides the corrupt data. Download JNES emulator for your computer and use the computer to download the roms.

I’m opening this thread for those ROM hacks that one would like to play, but can’t because all download links seem broken full article. The reason we like this is because you get modern technology built into an old nostalgic Gameboy DMG shell, which makes you feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds. Because of how open-ended Super Mario World’s programming is for hackers, there is quite a broad spectrum of variety in ROM hacks. The legal issues arise when we talk about how we get a hold of these games. Keep in mind, your aim is to choose a ROM you wish to patch and apply the IPA patch into it.

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I am trying to play a Mario Advanced 4 – Mario Bros 3 rom with VBA, however the game shows "Your saved data is corrupted" when I run the .gba. I have not used the rom or the game before with any emulator, so I am confused as to why this is showing. I have looked online for a solution, and I have seen that others have had issues with this particular game. So first i’m using the newest corruptor because the old one have strangely too big resolution and i can’t change that.

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Yes I’m aware of the patch, but in most cases switching to Flash 128k does the trick and the patch isn’t needed. Looks like you’re one of the few that needed the patch. The sound problem could be caused by either the ROM or the emulator. Honestly, playing the SNES version of the game would save people a lot of trouble.

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Test them out first, if they work transfer them to memory card. They even sell a thing that covers the keyboard that makes the keyboard feel like a controller. Looking to see if anyone’s had the same problem and how to fix? I downloaded the Mojo NES from the market to play oldschool nintendo games on my droid.

I don’t remember where i did get them but they are 100% working .gba and .gb roms. And what happens when i’m trying corrupt file nothing happens. My emulator is Visual Boy Advance and it is also working one. File in case of pkmn yellow it loads game normally without any corruption.

then tried going to a few different websites online to download the games. everytime i try downloading one, i get the same error "download unsucessful. content not supported on this phone."

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Some ROMS are Overdump which means that it’s a useless ROM. Or if the NDS Roms ROM’s save type is not supported, than it wont save. For Exmple, some save files are 1024 kb, not the regular 256 kb. If none of those options work than try downloading a different emulator.