Table Name News Release Tables
Historical ‘A’ Tables (home data): past years and months
Employment circumstances Information launch (month-to-month) Current populace study (CPS)
Historical ‘B’ Tables (Establishment information): past years and months
Employment circumstances Information launch (month-to-month) Current work data (CES)
Weekly Earnings Tables: Previous quarters
typical Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers Information Release (quarterly) Current Population Survey (CPS)
Union Affiliation Tables: past years
Union customers News launch (annual) Current populace study (CPS)
usage of Historical information Series by topic: past years and months
Browse work force, work, jobless, along with other information by subject Current Population study (CPS)

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  • Series Report — already know just the series identifier for the statistic you desire? Utilize this shortcut to recover your computer data. ( See tab-delimited files below for series id codes. )
    • LN series id list – labor pool data like the nationwide jobless price
    • LE show id list – Weekly profits and workers compensated hourly rates
    • LU series id list – Union affiliation information
    • FM series id list – Marital and household work force data
  • Compressed files that are flat — For people who want to buy all. Down load a compressed flat file associated with the entire LN database or big subset for the LN database.

Most-Requested CPS Tables

  • Work status for the populace, 1940s to date (HTML) (PDF)
  • Work status by intercourse, 1970s to date (HTML) (PDF)
  • Work status by step-by-step age (HTML) (PDF)
  • Work status by academic attainment (HTML) (PDF)
  • Work by detailed career, intercourse, competition, and ethnicity that is hispanicHTML) (PDF)
  • Median weekly earnings by step-by-step career and intercourse (HTML) (PDF)

Most-Requested CPS Publications

  • Handbook of techniques
  • Methodology for seasonally adjusting nationwide home labor pool show
  • Modifications to household survey populace quotes
  • Present Population Survey, design and methodology (Technical paper 77) (2019) (PDF) october
    • Earlier versions:
      • Technical paper 66, October 2006 (PDF)
      • Technical paper 63, revised March 2002 (PDF)
      • Technical paper 63, March 2000 (PDF)

Final Modified Date: 21, 2020 april

Individuals Are Asking.

  1. Where can we discover the jobless price for past years?
  2. Exactly How could be the jobless price pertaining to jobless insurance coverage claims?
  3. What exactly is adjustment that is seasonal?


  1. How come the national government accumulate statistics from the unemployed?
  2. Where perform some statistics result from?
  3. Do you know the fundamental principles of work and jobless?
  4. That is counted as used?
  5. That is counted as unemployed?

CPS Special Notices

  • BLS discovered mistakes in certain quotes when you look at the Profile for the Working Poor number of reports. More Details
  • The effect for the partial government shutdown in the Employment circumstances for October 2013. More Information

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Associated Hyper Links to Other BLS Information

  • Information for CPS Participants
    • What to anticipate if you have been selected to be involved in the existing Population Survey.
  • Employment, Hours, and Earnings through the CES study (nationwide)
    • Month-to-month nationwide information by detail by detail industry on employment, hours, and profits of employees regarding the payrolls of nonfarm establishments.
  • Neighborhood Unemployment Statistics
    • Month-to-month and employment that is annual jobless, and labor pool information for Census areas and divisions, States, counties, urban centers, and several towns and cities, by host to residence.
  • Nationwide Longitudinal Surveys
    • Several studies collecting information at multiple points with time in regards to the work market and life experiences of six sets of US males, females, and youth.
  • Occupational Employment Statistics
    • Data on work and wages for over 800 professions as well as for about 400 nonfarm companies when it comes to country, plus work-related information for States and areas that are metropolitan.

Other Helpful Links

  • Census Bureau Population and Household Topics
  • Census Bureau’s Home and Housing Statistics
    • Income and Poverty Data
  • Census Bureau Current Population Study
  • Employment and Training Management
    • Weekly unemployment insurance coverage claims data

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