You’ll then get an explanation of the new things you can expect in the redesigned app. You can skip that and explore for yourself the brand new interface which now has a background with the approximated color of the sky outside, as per Android Police. AccuWeather will also give you important information about storms, hurricanes and natural alert situations; This is why having this app is so important.

My location last week did not include WeatherScan, but TWC has Local on the 8s without fail . The location for the forecast was not the VERY town I was in, but a nearby town that shared the same weather AND radar. The scroll also included pertinent traffic information all during the day which no other station does. I was once a very happy customer with Verizon, no more. Verizon FIOS has more undesirable channels than desirable ones. I will leave early next year unless this is resolved.

Developer Response

In terms of privacy, RadarScope operates under the policy laid out by parent company DTN. The company says it does not sell information to third parties — which makes sense, since it’s an app you pay for. It does use Google Analytics and Eloqua web monitoring, as well as AdRoll for advertising, but you can opt out of all of them. How comes you guy just talk about out west and new york and florida on your station .never show west virginia and say what weather going to be. The presentation of „the day” ends at 12am for the sake of clarity.

Many users pick their favorites based on other features entirely, like a pleasant user interface or alert services. Places like Florida, California and Alaska are easier to forecast with high accuracy. In California, apps predicted rain in some areas with more than 97 percent accuracy in 2015. Likewise, temperature forecasts are strongest in Florida. Overall, the hardest states to predict the weather in are North Dakota and Montana, where apps are only click here right about 64 percent of the time. No matter where you are, you can get extreme weather warnings and forecasts!

Locations Disappeared

But those widgets come in three different sizes and many of them offer multiple different functions. I’d like to help you use the app you wish on your phone! While you may not be able to completely remove, AccuWeather, it may be possible to remove it from the screen.

  • We have been receiving some suspicious activity from you or someone sharing your internet network.
  • Weather advisories show up in a bar at the top of the page.
  • It’s really annoying as when you click on the „home” button, it brings you back to that page and not the actual menu, which means you can’t navigate between applications without clicking the back button all the way.
  • The original WeatherStar technology has been upgraded on larger cable systems to the IntelliStar, which incorporates „Vocal Local” to announce current conditions, weather bulletins and detailed local forecasts.
  • The result is a weather map that not only shows what is going on over dry land but also what is drifting around just of the coast.