Steinberg of course conceived of and wrote the VST effects format which was then quickly copied by Pro Tools and Apple , and they also designed the ASIO format. They own it, they develop it – and you can bet that their software works flawlessly with it. The practical upshot for you voiceover’s is that if you can think of a plugin, you can get it in VST format and it works seamlessly.

It’s up to you to evaluate your budget but I can help with the workflow. This is so cheap in fact, that there is an argument that as a piece of voiceover software, and for all your DAW needs, this is the only choice as it has all the main things you really need. Last but not least, making huge waves in the industry is the newest kid on the block, Reaper. It’s making huge waves because it’s in constant development and it’s super-cheap for what it is but with good functionality. Let’s be frank, it’s very light in features compared to the big boys, but what’s there is very good and it’s developing at a fast pace. As you might expect, editing is easy in Logic and it’s longest running selling point is that it’s very stable – many people use a Mac loaded with Logic for live performances because it’s so unlikely to crash. It has many different audio editing tools, including nifty speed fades, and has in-built samplers and Flex-Time which allows audio slicing based on transients.

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I’m sure I’ll eventually go with CC once CS6 seems ancient. It’s a single track editor, but then again, for VO, that’s all we need most of the time. You could, theoretically use that to do your audio editing, too (I often do if it’s just an audition).

So far I have been unable to find any link mentioned in any YouTube video that still works. But…with respect… I am amazed by your ‘faint praise’ for Twisted Wave. It is hugely popular, and in my view one of the most nimble and logical of editors. For me personally, on a Windows PC, I use Cubase and Soundforge.

As well as all the normal effects, you get lots of instrument racks and instrument effects racks with a good non-destructive audio editor and cool auto-tune functions. In terms of ease of use, again, once you’ve got to grips with it (it’s not super-easy at first) things like the multi-tool become second nature and editing becomes simple. Pro Tools also has probably the best Grouping capabilities of any DAW on the market, which is simple, intuitive and how it should be. What it does it does brilliantly and there’s a reason why the majority of albums and productions around the world are done on Pro Tools. It’s easily laid out and has one of the best audio engines in the world. In terms of support Steinberg also have their act sorted out – you ring up, you get through to a guy called Herman – he talks to you until your problem is fixed. They don’t charge you for it, or ask you to purchase a support pack.

If I had how to setup epsxe my way I’d have Sony bring their Mac SoundForge up to the same level as the Windows version, and then use Cubase and SoundForge. This is an important question, and not a stupid question at all. Money and budget is a serious factor, but so is your workflow and productivity.

I am currently using audition, but it is not as easy to use as my older Version, which I admit was rather old. I don’t even remember what version it is, but I know I’d still be using it if my husband had reformatted my computer. The subscription-based version is not near as easy for me to use as the other one was. I started with Cool Edit Pro years back and stuck with Adobe when they took over. I purchased CS6 right before they made Creative Cloud the only version available.