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This was once marketed as ON1 Perfect Photos, a collection of plug-ins brought together within a single interface. It’s now been refined and re-imagined as ON1 Photo RAW, a single standalone app which can also works as an effects plug-in for Lightroom or Photoshop. It offers both browsing and cataloguing/search tools, a terrific set of effects filters, support for image layers and masks and the ability to open and process RAW files. ON is now out together with the company’s cloud-based ON1 360 synchronisation service, though this will tie you in to ON1’s storage in the same way that Adobe does. This site is called Life After Photoshop, but there are still times when only Photoshop will do the things you need, so it would be petty to leave it out.

If you often do basic stuff with your photos and nothing too serious, PhotoScape is for you. The editor comes with plenty of features for both basic photo editing (red-eye reduction, filters, auto-corrections) and advanced editing . This free photo editor is regularly updated, and it has a version for macOS, Linux, and Windows. The installation is easy and straightforward – it won’t take more than a few minutes to tune in and try the editor for yourself.

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It’s still the best professional photo editing/ manipulation/ retouching/ compositing tool there is, and if you go for the regular Adobe Photography Plan, you get Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC together. Indeed, if you want Photoshop, you have to subscribe to one of Adobe’s software plans. I don’t write a lot of Photoshop tutorial content because that would defeat the purpose, but I’ve written about it a lot in the past. Choosing the best image editing software is complicated, not just because there are so many alternatives, but because they all do different things. It all depends on what you look for most in your photo editing software. Using artificial intelligence, the software can do a lot of very impressive things. For example, it can detect where a face is and apply things like lipstick adjustments, face-brightening, smoothing, and some one-click retouching.

Not only does it minimize the major issues that other HDR merging tools have, but it also generates stunning results, producing images that are dynamic, yet natural-looking. Capture One is its pro-level image capture and RAW processing app, previously owned by Danish company Phase One but now split into a separate company. Capture One has evolved steadily into a high-end Lightroom rival. Its RAW conversions are superb, its adjustment tools surpass Lightroom’s and Capture One can also create image catalogs for your entire image library. It also offers a ‘sessions’ based workflow for pro photographers and tethered studio work.

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In the sample image here I used the auto photo editing for quick color and contrast settings. The layer system in Krita is so advanced it’s the closest to premium image editing programs you can find. Better yet, Krita has a staggering amount of blending modes that allow you to garmin create all kinds of special effects in your projects. Talking about effects – Krita has a bunch of filters and adjustments – and you can use filter masks with all of them for non-destructive editing. Basically, this free photo editing software is not super advanced, but not too simple to be included in the “casual” section of this article.

Another advantage of RawTherapee, perhaps due to its close connection to raw formats, is that it’s great at retaining a natural look of the photos. Many other photo editors use heavy algorithms to process your image, which often results in an unnatural look. If you want to convey the atmosphere of your original photo while still being able to fine tune it, you should try using RawTherapee. Lastly, the community offers a wide range of educational resources for beginners and experienced users.